The Home Inspection professionals at Clear Inspections understand the home buying process. The role of the Home Inspector is to educate the client, not create barriers to the transaction. While it is our job to point out legitimate issues that might impact the habitability of the house or which might be expensive to repair or replace, our role is to accomplish our mission without alarming the client.

Our customer service based approach to home inspections begins as soon as you contact our office. We believe that you and your client deserve one-on-one treatment beginning with your initial call and continuing until the property closes. The staff at Clear Inspections will help your client to determine what services are appropriate.   Additionally, we always inquire as to the timing of the purchase agreement. The buyer has a lot on his mind and often times is unaware of the deadline for the inspection response.

If questions arise after the closing, we can and will remain a valuable and available resource. Clear Inspections is always happy to share pertinent information concerning the inspection or answer general home maintenance questions for our clients and their real estate professional.

Time is of the essence in every transaction, and we don’t waste your time waiting for our findings. All Clear Inspections reports are computer-generated and emailed directly to you. Additional copies are distributed at the same time per the client’s instructions. Findings are referenced to digital photos included in the report and all inspections follow the same format with a summary page at the end listing all concerns.

As a professional Realtor, you have to be concerned about the credentials of anyone to whom you refer your clients. All of the Inspectors at Clear Inspections are licensed by the State of Tennessee as Home Inspectors.   All of our inspections meet or exceed the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of both the State of Tennessee and American Society of Home Inspectors. Along with the many hours of continuing education required to maintain all of these credentials, the staff at Clear Inspections have over 20 years of experience in home inspections and residential/light commercial construction.

Clear Inspections offers on-site presentations at your office for training or sales meetings. We can formally present specific subject matter or cover a host of information designed to keep you abreast of what’s new in the industry.