Clear Inspections LLC is a locally owned and operated home inspection company whose primary clients are individuals involved in residential real estate transactions. Our organization was founded by Tim Hicks, a veteran in the home inspection industry.  Tim has performed over 4000 fee-paid inspections on every type of home.  From new construction to historic residences that date back more than 150 years.  Tim’s experience dates back as far back as 1992 when he began a career in residential and commercial construction.

Soon after he joined the Army and proudly served with the 1st Cavalry Detachment in Ft. Hood, TX.  After his military career, Tim attended Tennessee Technology Center for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration.  After being employed with the areas prominent HVAC business he then began his Home Inspection business.  Tim realized that he possessed attributes that few if any possessed.  He knew the construction and building trades and was expertly trained and certified in residential heating and air conditioning.  Tim’s business model was simple and straightforward and was based entirely upon customer service.

His idea was that extra time spent with the client, educating and answering all questions in a very detailed, clear, and concise manner would be a benefit to everyone involved in the transaction, and this would then help create a loyal customer and referral base. Tim also prides himself on doing what he says he will do — a very simple and clear distinction that sets Clear Inspections apart from the competition.  Clear Inspections has grown dramatically in the past few years even in a down economy, but our attention to detail and personal service still reflects the same philosophy that Tim utilized from the inception of his business.  Our inspectors and staff are hired only after they have demonstrated the ability to meet our customer’s needs.  This ensures that our clients receive the guidance and expertise that they need to make the best possible decision regarding one of the most important purchases they will ever make.